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18 Oct 2016

The chief executive officer (CEO) of a website – famous for the sexually-oriented escort advertisements has been arrested on Thursday and charged with conspiracy and pimping a minor  after the authorities has raided his Dallas headquarters, as per to the court records.

The website has been imposed accusations in diverse judicatures of engaging in sex trafficking, and hundreds of trafficking cases across the country have been connected to the site. However this falls as the first time that criminal charges have been taken against the company, said by authorities.

Charges have been filed in Superior Court of California against Carl Ferrer (the Chief Executive Officer) and two men who established the company in 2004 are as James Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Ken Paxton – the Texas attorney general said Mr. Ferrer has been arrested on Thursday to a California warrant after he reached in Houston on a flight from Amsterdam. The 3-year investigation has been a combined effort of the States of Texas and California. Mr. Ferrer is being held in place of $500,000 bond and is to face an extradition hearing before he can be returned to California.

In this case, documents have included interviews with children who said they took out ads on after they were compelled into prostitution. A 15-year-old girl recognized as E.S., who said she was forced into prostitution when she was 13 “benefits off of men and women,” whether they wish to earn money through prostitution or are compelled into it.

“The Op-Ed Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof interviews a former child prostitute who speaks out against sex trafficking on”

As per the criminal complaint filed in California, Backpage recognized at least $2 million a month between October 2014 and May 2015 in payments from people posting adult ads in California. So Texas accused to Mr. Ferrer with money laundering.

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Now Backpage’s business practices have been under inspection. The Senate held the company in disdain of Congress in March after it declined to abide by a subpoena in a sex trafficking inquiry. Also the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children praised for the arrest. It recognizes that the main approach children are purchased for sex in this country is by the use of online classified advertising websites. At last, this national center believes that the criminal action started today will go ahead really to a new hope for children who are sold for sex online.

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