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Brexit Joke

28 Jun 2018

I was talking to a friend back in the United Kingdom recently and he cracked a joke that made me both laugh and think. He told me that he had enthusiastically voted to Remain in the European Union. Not just for political reasons but because his Mother In Law had moved to Spain and he desperately wanted her to stay there. As the English proverb has it, there is many a true word spoken in jest. In has case, knowing him as I do, I know that he was not actually joking at all. And indeed, knowing both his wife and mother in law, I can not blame him. Anyway…I am British but have lived in Spain for many years and speak Spanish very fluently. No one Spanish is going to mistake me for a local, but I can talk to anyone about any subject I want. Obviously, since I run escort agencies here in Spain, a lot of what I talk about every day is about sex and business. And the business of sex as well, of course. Many of the best¬†escorts Geneva¬†offers that my business represents are Spanish, though lots come from Britain and the rest of Europe. So being able to speak with the Spanish girls in Spanish is a lot better than being forced to speak fluent Google Translate as many other escort agencies have to. Of course, I am reduced to that with some other girls but in my experience the Spanish are as bad at learning English as the English are at learning Spanish. Or any other language for that matter.So, what does Brexit mean for those of us Britons living and working on the continent and Spain in particular? Honestly, I do not think it will mean anything. The Spanish estimate that there are over two million Brits living here. But that figure is based on the number who have registered for NIE numbers of for Nationalisation. And trust me, it is a massive under estimate. I would personally estimate that there are more like three million Britons here in Spain, with the majority based in Alicante and Andalusia, spending their money into two of the poorest and most economically poor areas in Spain. Without the tourist industry and the ex pats, Alicante and Andalusia would die. And it would not be slow or pretty.