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Sex And Sleep

30 Aug 2018
It is said that the only thing better than the sleep of the just is the sleep just after. And I would pretty much agree with that, to be honest. But for something thaqt we all spend so much time doing, sleep is still pretty mysterious to most of us. Sleep scientists and psychologists make discoveries every day about the uses, purposes and benefits of sleep. And about about the opposite – sleep deprivation.
Sleeping after sex is inevitable – well, actually, it is sleeping after orgasms that is inevitable and programmed into our physiology. The hormone prolactin is elevated when we sleep. And elevation of prolactin causes us to sleep. It is kind of a virtuous circle where sleep is concerned. The interesting thing is that male ejaculation produces the release of prolactin. Female orgasm also produces a heightened level of prolactin; though lets face it, during the average bout of love making male ejaculation is far more likely than female ejaculation. Unfortunately! Certainly in the case of Malaga escorts, where there professional focus is on ensuring that their client has a good time – which normally involves orgasms. And their personal pleasure is a secondary issue. If it happens, terrific. And if not – well – escorts are not known as horizontal actresses for nothing.
Your body has a natural sleep cycle – and that natural programmed cycle is almost impossible to break. Your body begs for sleep at around two in the afernoon. The post lunch dip or Meditterranean siesta is not down to laziness. It is just the way the body is wired. And the standard concept of an eight hour sleep has been found to be true. Less than seven hours and peoples alertness and cognitive processes slowly decline. Less than five hours a day and cognitive function will collapse rapidly. (Yes, Donald Trump, I am looking at you!)
But equally, it is now becoming clear that continually sleeping more than ten hours a day will eventually damage your physical helath and your mental health as well. Basdically, the odd lie in is OK, but sleeping in all the time is incredibly bad for you.